Laboratory - Tests laboratory of ALsistem group

Test own system independently it’s important to provide a good and fast service to customers (fabricators, designers, builders) who require support for the certification of the most important works. This is the function of the tests laboratory that ALsistem installed in Gerenzano (Varese), headquarter of the technical office and show room.

In a tight and increasingly attentive market it’s important for a fabricator, a designer, a builder, have the credentials in order to have additional certificates of conformity qualification. Is also important because it give us an advantage over our competitors and provides greater assurance to the end customer.

The laboratory tests regarding mainly withness testing on windows and curtain walls:

  • air permeability (EN 12153) Windows or curtain wall must control the air passage for protect the internal zone and give the correct ventilation.
  • watertightness (EN 13050) Windows or curtain wall must prevent or limit the entry of rain inside. The joints of disparate elements shall be leakproof and allow the removal of water.
  • resistance to wind load (EN12179) Windows or curtain wall must be rigid to resist at wind loads.
  • calculation of thermal transmittance (Uf) with special software.


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