ALsistem gives its customers systems, opportunities and guarantees with extra reassurance

Bureau Veritas Italia has issued ALsistem with four industry accreditations for four systems produced and assembled by one partner in particular.

The products involved are the main profiles used to construct the following systems:
Planet Neo 62 and Planet Neo 72HT, for hinged thermal break windows with high performance features
Slide Neo 106, for thermal break lift and slide systems with the best price/quality ratio on the market
Sirio Neo 50, the system for continuous jamb-crossbar façades

The particularly demanding accreditation procedures constitute an opportunity and guarantee for installers wanting to participate in high-level tender bids, where the customer requires certification regarding the sustainability of third party construction materials.
By investing in the four accreditations issued, in spite of the difficult period for the industry, ALsistem wanted to demonstrate the organisation's commitment to providing the group's customers with as many advantages possible for increasing opportunities to participate in tenders with the required credentials.

Evaluation from the independent body Bureau Veritas, which is a fully objective, analytical assessment and not self-certification, involved the entire production chain for the main profiles used to construct the aforementioned systems, and concerns the before and after consumption percentage of recycled aluminium used in the profile extrusion phase.

ALsistem provides its customers with a three-fold solution:
guaranteeing the possibility of using raw materials with less energy requirements
guaranteeing the recyclability of the metal at the end of its lifetime, contributing to obtaining LEED® credits
contributing and increasing credentials for tender submissions

With this project all partners in the group will be able to take advantage of a fast-track procedure for the accreditation of manufactured products, offering customers products which are not only good quality but which are also ethical, because they are the result of strict production technology checks that commence with the use of the aluminium.



ALsistem progetta e realizza finestre in alluminio ad alta efficienza energetica che migliorano la qualità della tua vita in casa.

L'esperienza nel settore e la capacità di ascolto ci hanno permesso di entrare nelle case di migliaia di famiglie e di realtà costruttive più grandi.
Qualunque sia l'esigenza, ci impegniamo a soddisfarla con soluzioni belle e funzionali, adeguate all'uso ed aggiornate alle più moderne tecnologie.

In ALsistem troverai professionisti che sapranno esserti di aiuto per capire le esigenze che hai e proporti la soluzione più adatta.




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