ALsistem Planet Neo 62 lifecycle analysis

The results of the cradle-to-gate analysis carried out by the Environment Park in Turin are presented for the first time in Italy, with the objective of providing an ECO-PROFILE for Planet Neo 62 testifying to the product's path towards sustainability.

The figures show considerable savings, 30% on average in terms of energy consumed, CO2 emissions, water consumption and other environmental indicators, compared with a similar aluminium benchmark profile (ECOINVENT database).

The Building Products & Sustainability: Endorse Product Environmental Quality to Excel in the Market conference gave approximately 40 designers the chance to learn about the current situation regarding environmental certification for products in Italy. Ample space was given to companies trusting in this procedure.

ALsistem has opened a section on case studies, presenting the results of the Planet Neo 62 lifecycle analysis for the first time. The report was presented by M. Fadin, the communications manager and E.Sirombo, an architect specialising in sustainable building.

The research and development project carried out by the ALsistem Group, represented in Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d'Aosta by Fresia Alluminio, reached a new stage for the upcycled Planet Neo 62 system on Thursday.

The details of the analysis performed by Environment Park were presented for the first time in Italy at the aforementioned conference.


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