ALsistem: strength as a group

It can be difficult to use the term 'group' when referring to a collection of companies that have individual backgrounds in their respective areas, and solid roots in that area and market autonomy. However, in our case it is in the original definition of 'group', and in the initial shared objectives, that the specific nature and description that best fits our organisation must be sought.

As there is more than one description for the word 'group', the most appropriate for us is that which reflects the initial idea that led to its creation, in other words: "A pool of companies connected formally or informally, whose bond has strengthened and become stable over time because it is based on respect, friendship, co-operation, recognition of respective local identities, professionalism and expertise, ethics and, last but not least, the aim to develop a brand that must best represent the innovation and energy efficiency that the door and window industry can offer.". Possibly these words encompass the secret of well-established success and a brand which is recognised and valued by the whole supply chain.

Unique objectives and business plans, a core strategy, and a development plan of timescales and investments have determined the success of the ALsistem group, which currently has 9 national companies, and an international partner to deal with publicising the brand and its systems in the vast Far East area. This possibly unprecedented business challenge transpired from the ambition to design only innovative products and systems of high quality and technological content, which are also environmentally sustainable and meet the new building requirements that must comply with energy performance levels agreed by the EU for member states. As a result, ALsistem products and systems revolve around a product range designed to ensure maximum quality, performance, and customisation possibilities. This is not a regulation, it is an opportunity for installers to choose the best solution from several systems for door and window systems in the domestic, business, public and industrial sectors, secure in the knowledge of having chosen an environmentally-friendly, quality product. It is no coincidence that the group has come up with the term NEOCICLATO (UPCYCLING) i.e. breathing new life into used materials, recognising aluminium's endless ability to appear as good as new.

"During such difficult economic times, being successful requires dynamism, flexibility, and an ability to produce increasingly better door and window frames, focusing on quality as a distinguishing value and not volumes or price (Valentino Fresia, Chairman)”.

"Many people thought ALsistem had no future, and yet here we are today as a well-established group, with companies that interact with each other and are open to learning and trying new things. We are a successful company with development programmes and real possibilities of opening the market up further. In our case 10 individuals proved to be the strong point in an organisation that has the courage to challenge the big market players, and with splendid opportunities for globalising its products, providing Italian aluminium door and window frames throughout the world (Marcello Calandrino, Vice Chairman)"

"Work to fit out a permanent showroom at the Gerenzano premises will be completed by the end of February, whereas the central workshop for testing system designs before production, or dealing with customers, installers, designers and builders requiring support to progress their most important orders, has already been operating for some time (Andrea Giachero, design manager)”.



ALsistem progetta e realizza finestre in alluminio ad alta efficienza energetica che migliorano la qualità della tua vita in casa.

L'esperienza nel settore e la capacità di ascolto ci hanno permesso di entrare nelle case di migliaia di famiglie e di realtà costruttive più grandi.
Qualunque sia l'esigenza, ci impegniamo a soddisfarla con soluzioni belle e funzionali, adeguate all'uso ed aggiornate alle più moderne tecnologie.

In ALsistem troverai professionisti che sapranno esserti di aiuto per capire le esigenze che hai e proporti la soluzione più adatta.




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