New Easy Door line

Internal doors with aluminium frame
An expressive line of design and technology. Aluminium and wood. Aluminium and glass. Material combination of upcycled and environmentally-friendly components that favour construction simplicity without neglecting aesthetics, expressed in a contemporary clean crisp style. Straight or uniformly rounded light aluminium loadbearing profiles of various sizes (minimal and almost invisible, or structured and loadbearing) for flexible adaptation to all types of use, applications, customer requirements or aesthetic taste.

With their construction flexibility and simplicity of style, the availability of different arrangements and looks, in addition to a sleek finish and full complement of accessories, Easy Doors are ideal for projects and specifications in public and professional environments (schools, hospitals, care homes, sports centres, laboratories, shopping centres, companies, offices etc.), and are also an attractive complement to furnishings in the private sector. For example, pocket door models can be assembled with particularly slim minimal profiles, which enhance wooden floor and wall coverings while keeping that all-important touch of style. Installed pocket doors are aesthetically appealing without neglecting functionality and strength. A particularly attractive feature is the flush wall frame solution, which is almost invisible and gives the wall continuity by accentuating the door leaf only.

Standard configurations can be provided - one or two hinged doors (with or without intermediate and fanlight sections), and one or two-door pocket systems (with/without intermediate sections), all sharing the characteristics of being light to handle combined with reliable construction.

The complementary accessories are also appealing to the eye, with a range of stainless steel handles in three styles for four different finishes, and a very light and sleek aluminium line.



ALsistem progetta e realizza finestre in alluminio ad alta efficienza energetica che migliorano la qualità della tua vita in casa.

L'esperienza nel settore e la capacità di ascolto ci hanno permesso di entrare nelle case di migliaia di famiglie e di realtà costruttive più grandi.
Qualunque sia l'esigenza, ci impegniamo a soddisfarla con soluzioni belle e funzionali, adeguate all'uso ed aggiornate alle più moderne tecnologie.

In ALsistem troverai professionisti che sapranno esserti di aiuto per capire le esigenze che hai e proporti la soluzione più adatta.




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