PLANET Neo 62 contributes to satisfying LEED® credits

ALsistem and Habitech have announced the conclusion of product mapping for the Planet Neo 62 solution.

The system designed by ALsistem and made with upcycled aluminium has proved to be a benchmark product for green innovation.

Habitech - Trentino Technology District has acknowledged the value of Planet Neo 62 through product mapping in accordance with LEED standards, and inclusion in the exclusive database of products that satisfy the requirements of the LEED green map credits.
The database is on-line at and is available for designers, architects and professionals who want to obtain specific product information, with particular details relating to eco-compatibility and energy savings, which are useful for specifications aiming to achieve significant sustainability targets.

The analysis on the upcycled system was carried out according to LEED standards for New Constructions & Major Renovation v. 3, LEED Italia for New Constructions and Renovations, and GBC HOME, and joins the already consolidated industry accreditation issued by Bureau Veritas.

"This is another great success that continues to highlight the characteristics and performance of a product that we can define as unique to its kind, complete, high-performing, sustainable, innovative, and placed in the market at a price similar to a conventional frame. That's the value of Italian design and expertise", commented Valentino Fresia (ALsistem Chairman).

"The analysis of the upcycled PLANET product emphasised its sustainability features, consolidated by the certificate issued by a third party for content of recycled material. As far as ALsistem is concerned the mapping is a way of introducing the company to designers that work with LEED, and also represents further progress on the path of innovation the company has undertaken", commented Erika Endrizzi, the contact person for the Habitech Product Mapping Service.

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ALsistem is a company that designs aluminium systems for door and window frames. It was set up 20 years ago and is currently made up of 10 companies distributed throughout Italy. The ALsistem group has chosen to design and construct its systems entirely in Italy, celebrating product quality and performance levels. Today it is one of the emerging industry companies and is the first to put innovative products and solutions unique in its sector on the market. The group's mission is to continually improve performance levels and quality, with special focus on the production line and environmental sustainability.

Habitech is the Trentino Technology District for Energy and the Environment recognised by the Ministry of Universities and Research. It is an organisation with more than 300 members including companies, research centres and public agencies, and a total of 8000 employees and a turnover of approximately one billion euro. Habitech represents a benchmark in Italy for sustainable building, energy and alternative mobility, and provides services in these areas, creates projects, and supports innovation. It also develops innovative prototype solutions in Trentino with the aim of distributing them at a national and international level.



ALsistem progetta e realizza finestre in alluminio ad alta efficienza energetica che migliorano la qualità della tua vita in casa.

L'esperienza nel settore e la capacità di ascolto ci hanno permesso di entrare nelle case di migliaia di famiglie e di realtà costruttive più grandi.
Qualunque sia l'esigenza, ci impegniamo a soddisfarla con soluzioni belle e funzionali, adeguate all'uso ed aggiornate alle più moderne tecnologie.

In ALsistem troverai professionisti che sapranno esserti di aiuto per capire le esigenze che hai e proporti la soluzione più adatta.




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