The ALsistem group expands and brings its aluminium fixtures and systems to China

The year got off to a flying start for the group with an agreement being signed with a Chinese partner to publicise the brand and the group's systems in the vast Far East area.
ALsistem door and window frames and façades in aluminium will soon be in China thanks to the agreement signed at the start of 2014, making the arrival of the group's 10th partner official: ALsistem International HK.
“With the arrival of our new partner the ALsistem family has expanded, providing significant possibilities for exporting our business, skills and knowledge of our product technology, basically everything which is encompassed in English with the term know-how, to areas within the vast Chinese territory …”. stated the Chairman, Valentino Fresia. “We feel very enthusiastic. This agreement will enable us to initiate an important internationalisation process. Heartfelt thanks go to the team at Savio, which has been operating in China for a while and enabled the initial contact that led to this agreement, and in actual fact the Chinese ALsistem door and window frames will be completed with Savio accessories”.

Handong Yang is the Chairman and Managing Director of ALsistem International HK, with equal rights as the other 9 partners. Mr Yang, who is an expert in the building industry, has valuable connections with designers, construction companies and high-end customers who are particularly attracted to European products. The company has represented several Italian products in China, including Gardesa reinforced doors and Valli&Valli handles, now an Assa Abloy brand. With this agreement and inclusion in the group, ALsistem's aluminium door and window frames under the Made in Italy brand will be breaking into an important area.

ALsistem International HK is based in Hong Kong, however the development plan includes the opening of business premises in Shanghai and various technical departments in other areas. Mr Yang has already started to gather a network of local installers, and is planning to expand the business even further, which currently has a central yard, warehouses and showroom, and an extensive sales force.
The first products on sale will be the hinged aluminium range, the lift and slide systems, and the aluminium/wood lines. “ALsistem patents and intellectual property rights will be adequately protected - continues Giachero. It isn't our intention to stop the inevitable, such as copying, which now affects many European systems, but rather to steer the production of original Made in Italy door and window frames that are not hurried imitations as intelligently as possible. ALsistem represents a company that specialises in the design, development, production and sale of door and window frames and continuous façades in aluminium. This is basically the essence of our work."



ALsistem progetta e realizza finestre in alluminio ad alta efficienza energetica che migliorano la qualità della tua vita in casa.

L'esperienza nel settore e la capacità di ascolto ci hanno permesso di entrare nelle case di migliaia di famiglie e di realtà costruttive più grandi.
Qualunque sia l'esigenza, ci impegniamo a soddisfarla con soluzioni belle e funzionali, adeguate all'uso ed aggiornate alle più moderne tecnologie.

In ALsistem troverai professionisti che sapranno esserti di aiuto per capire le esigenze che hai e proporti la soluzione più adatta.




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